Prep | Sports Results

Sports Results Rugby Gateway Grade 3 festival Vs Eaglesvale lost 5-25 Vs Gateway   won 25-0 Vs Lilfordia    lost 0-10 Vs Heritage    drew 5-5 Vs Ruzawi     lost 5-10 League games Grade   4A Vs Hellenic  won 33-0 Grade   3A  Vs Hellenic won 28-0 Grade   3A  Vs Lilfordia won 21-19   Soccer 1st          Vs Borrowdale  won 2-1 Colts.. read more →

Prep | Sports Results

Sports Results Rugby 1st    vs Lilfordia           won 20-14 2nd   vs Milestone Prep won 25-24 3rd   vs Lilfordia          lost 14-31 Colts A vs Lilfordia won 40-7 Colts C vs Lilfordia won 14-7 Joshua Covill was awarde a medal by the SouthAfrican Sharks Academy representative for the best three quarter Colts Rugby player at the Springvale Rugby.. read more →

Prep | Sports Results

Sports Results Rugby 1st         Vs  Hartmann House   won  17-7 2nd        Vs  Hartmann House   won  22-0 3rd         Vs  Hartmann House   won 50-0 Colts D Vs Hartmann House  won 43-0 1st         Vs Gateway  won  19-14 2nd        Vs Gateway  won 19-0 3rd         Vs Gateway  won 72-0 Colts A Vs Gateway  won 42-0 Colts B  Vs Gateway won  52-0.. read more →

Prep | Amendments to Calendar

Please note the following changes to next week fixtures:- Monday 29th June             Hockey will now be 3rd & 4th v Highlands (1st & 2nd not playing) Tuesday 30th June            New fixture – Hockey Gr 4 A – E v Chisipite  2pm  Away Wednesday 1st July        .. read more →

Prep | Sports Results

Sports Results Rugby Super 8 Festival Results Vs Heritage      won  10-0 Vs Highlands  won 10-5 Vs Hellenic     won 27-0 Vs Hartmann (Semi Finals)  won 3-0 Vs Eaglesvale (Final)  lost 5-19   Soccer 1st         Vs Wise Owl   won 3-0 2nd          Vs  Wise Owl  won 4-0 Colts A   Vs Wise Owl won 3-2 Colts B    Vs Wise.. read more →

Prep | Sports Results

Sports Results Rugby 1st            Vs  Admiral Tait  won 17-7 1st            Vs Lendy Park      won 29-19 2nd            Vs  Admiral  Tait  won 29-5 Colts A    Vs Admiral  Tait  won  10-0 Colts B     Vs Admiral Tait  won  15-5 Grade 4A  Vs Pathway         won  45-0 Grade 4B  Vs Pathway         won 43-0   Hockey Colts A  Vs  Gateway  won 4-0.. read more →

Prep | Community Roundup

Sports Result RUGBY League results 1st vs Hellenic         won 22-8 2nd vs Hellenic         won 58-0 Colts A vs Hellenic won 26-0 Colts B  vs Hellenic won 40-0 We took part in the Lilfordia Festival in Colts A and 1st team and we achieved the following results. COLTS Vs Lomagundi  won    15-5 Vs Lilfordia      won    20-0.. read more →

Prep | Community Round-Up

Sports Results Rugby Colts D vs Maranatha Colts B won 15 – 10 Colts C vs Maranatha Colts A won 22 – 5 Colts B vs Alex Park Colts B won 20 – 5 Colts A vs Alex Park Colts A won 40 – 0 3rds vs Maranatha 2nd  won 67  – 5 2nd  vs.. read more →

College | Community Round-Up

Sports Results RUGBY We took part in the Gateway Coaches Festival in Colts A and 1st team and we achieved the following results. COLTS Vs Gateway won    25-0 Vs Hellenic  won    5-0 Vs Heritage  won   15-10 Vs Eaglesvale won 5-0 Vs Hartmann  won  5-0   RUGBY Vs Hartmann  won 5-0 Vs Eaglesvale Lost 10-5 Vs.. read more →

Prep | News

TENNIS Thabo Ndhlovu achieved the following results in Tennis competition held at Harare Sports Club. Runner –up in Zimbabwe Closed Tennis Tournament- Doubles Runner – up U10 Arenel Junior Tennis Tournament – Singles Winner in U10 Arenel Junior Tennis Doubles DANCE Toby French and Callum Fleming have been asked to take part in a dance.. read more →