Prep | Sports Results

Sports Results Rugby 1st    vs Lilfordia           won 20-14 2nd   vs Milestone Prep won 25-24 3rd   vs Lilfordia          lost 14-31 Colts A vs Lilfordia won 40-7 Colts C vs Lilfordia won 14-7 Joshua Covill was awarde a medal by the SouthAfrican Sharks Academy representative for the best three quarter Colts Rugby player at the Springvale Rugby.. read more →

Prep | Sports Results

Sports Results Rugby 1st         Vs  Hartmann House   won  17-7 2nd        Vs  Hartmann House   won  22-0 3rd         Vs  Hartmann House   won 50-0 Colts D Vs Hartmann House  won 43-0 1st         Vs Gateway  won  19-14 2nd        Vs Gateway  won 19-0 3rd         Vs Gateway  won 72-0 Colts A Vs Gateway  won 42-0 Colts B  Vs Gateway won  52-0.. read more →

Prep | Amendments to Calendar

Please note the following changes to next week fixtures:- Monday 29th June             Hockey will now be 3rd & 4th v Highlands (1st & 2nd not playing) Tuesday 30th June            New fixture – Hockey Gr 4 A – E v Chisipite  2pm  Away Wednesday 1st July        .. read more →

Prep | Sports Results

Sports Results Rugby Super 8 Festival Results Vs Heritage      won  10-0 Vs Highlands  won 10-5 Vs Hellenic     won 27-0 Vs Hartmann (Semi Finals)  won 3-0 Vs Eaglesvale (Final)  lost 5-19   Soccer 1st         Vs Wise Owl   won 3-0 2nd          Vs  Wise Owl  won 4-0 Colts A   Vs Wise Owl won 3-2 Colts B    Vs Wise.. read more →

Prep | Sports Results

Sports Results Rugby 1st            Vs  Admiral Tait  won 17-7 1st            Vs Lendy Park      won 29-19 2nd            Vs  Admiral  Tait  won 29-5 Colts A    Vs Admiral  Tait  won  10-0 Colts B     Vs Admiral Tait  won  15-5 Grade 4A  Vs Pathway         won  45-0 Grade 4B  Vs Pathway         won 43-0   Hockey Colts A  Vs  Gateway  won 4-0.. read more →

Prep | Community Roundup

Sports Result RUGBY League results 1st vs Hellenic         won 22-8 2nd vs Hellenic         won 58-0 Colts A vs Hellenic won 26-0 Colts B  vs Hellenic won 40-0 We took part in the Lilfordia Festival in Colts A and 1st team and we achieved the following results. COLTS Vs Lomagundi  won    15-5 Vs Lilfordia      won    20-0.. read more →

Prep | Community Round-Up

Sports Results Rugby Colts D vs Maranatha Colts B won 15 – 10 Colts C vs Maranatha Colts A won 22 – 5 Colts B vs Alex Park Colts B won 20 – 5 Colts A vs Alex Park Colts A won 40 – 0 3rds vs Maranatha 2nd  won 67  – 5 2nd  vs.. read more →

College | Community Round-Up

Sports Results RUGBY We took part in the Gateway Coaches Festival in Colts A and 1st team and we achieved the following results. COLTS Vs Gateway won    25-0 Vs Hellenic  won    5-0 Vs Heritage  won   15-10 Vs Eaglesvale won 5-0 Vs Hartmann  won  5-0   RUGBY Vs Hartmann  won 5-0 Vs Eaglesvale Lost 10-5 Vs.. read more →

Prep | News

TENNIS Thabo Ndhlovu achieved the following results in Tennis competition held at Harare Sports Club. Runner –up in Zimbabwe Closed Tennis Tournament- Doubles Runner – up U10 Arenel Junior Tennis Tournament – Singles Winner in U10 Arenel Junior Tennis Doubles DANCE Toby French and Callum Fleming have been asked to take part in a dance.. read more →

Prep | BMX

BMX Daniel Johnson travelled on his own to the UK with another BMX rider, Josh Van Blerk, during the Easter holidays to compete for Zimbabwe in BMX at the 3rd and 4th leg of the British National Series.  In both legs he made it through the heats, quarter finals and semifinals to race in the finals.  He.. read more →