College | Examination Starting Times

Dear Parents Please find below the examinations time table with the starting time for each exam. This covers all examinations from Form 1 to Upper 6. For 1 and 2 students with special arrangements begin their examinations at 7:30 and 10:50am. 2015 Exams starting times     read more →

College | Results for Week 5

WEEK 5 Sports Results (5th – 11th October 2015) Wednesday (7th October) VOLLEYBALL vs Prince Edward U16 – LOST: 0-2 U15/U14 – LOST: 0-2 Friday (9th October) BASKETBALL vs St. George’s1st – LOST: 43-57 2nd – LOST: 8-9 U16A – LOST: 20-32 U16B – LOST: 6-17 U15A – LOST: 7-15 U15B – WON: 20-13 U14A.. read more →

College | Upcoming Events

Dear Parents Awards Assembly is on Monday 12th October. Students should wear number ones. Please note that school will close 12h10 on Wednesday 14th October, the end of period 6, for all students NOT doing exams. The outgoing U6 will be celebrating their tenure at the College with their teachers and parents during this time,.. read more →

College | Week 5 Update

WEEK 5 Sports Update (5th-11th October 2015) Wednesday (7th October) VOLLEYBALL vs Prince Edward AWAY (1st, 2nd, U16, U15/U14) 14:00 onwards. Thursday (8th October) TENNIS SJC Singles & Doubles Championships @ SJC 14:00 onwards. Friday (9th October) BASKETBALL vs St. George’s AWAY (1st, 2nd, U16A, U16B, U15A, U15B, U14A, U14B) 14:00 onwards. TENNIS vs Hellenic… read more →

College | Cricket Announcement

Good Morning U14A, U15A, U16A and U16B Cricket Parents Please note that the school bus will return from Falcon on Sunday and drop your sons off at Borrowdale Race Course. This is owing to the Spring Fair being held at the College. The bus will be unable to enter the school due to the traffic.. read more →

College | Quest Camp

Dear Parents Two points: If you do not wish your son to attend Quest please alert me in writing before the end of this week. Some forms are still outstanding; may I ask you to return these soonest as preparations are complicated enough as is. Quest Bookings: You are cordially invited – no, urged- to.. read more →

College | Week 4 Sports Update

WEEK 4 Sports Update (Monday 28th September – Sunday 4th October 2015) Monday 28th September CRICKET vs Falcon (1st only HOME) 09:00 onwards. Wednesday 30th October VOLLEYBALL vs St. John’s High (AWAY) 14:00 onwards SQUASH SJC A/B vs Watershed A/B (HOME) 14:00 onwards SPORTSMEN’S DINNER @ 18:00 in the SJC Hall. Compulsory for 1st team.. read more →